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ARM based

  • Talking Thermometer for the Visually Impaired (LPC2138 ARM7TDMI)
    Dhananjay Gadre and Divya Sardana
    The efficient Talking Thermometer is designed around a Keil MCB2130 evaluation board. A temperature sensor measures the temperature, which is then announced through a unique audio system. Voice samples of numbers and words are stored in the on-board LPC2138 microcontroller’s memory. The MCB2130’s on-board audio amplifier and speaker and an external RC filter comprise the audio system.
    Entry to Circuit Cellar Philips ARM Design Contest 2005

  • Dude, Where's My Car? (LM3S811 Cortex-M3)
    Dhananjay Gadre & Vaibhay Agarwal
    This well-designed car locator is built around an LM3S811 microcontroller. It uses a GPS receiver to record geographical coordinates and a GSM modem to communicate with the user. If the car moves, the system sends an alert.
    Entry to Circuit Cellar Stellaris Design Contest 2006

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