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Project Proposals ('09-'10)

for Final Year Students
  1. Multipurpose Electronic Tags - allotted to Nehul and Shrikant
  2. Software Defined Radio on AVR32 - allotted to Mayank Gupta, Pulkit and Manoj KUmar
  3. Wearable Biomedical Sensors (joint project with Department of Textiles, IIT, Delhi)
  4. Student Attendance Marking System
  5. 3-Axis CNC PCB Milling machine Controller
  6. Laser Alignment System for Prosthetic applications (joint project with Waag Society Fablab, Amsterdam)
  7. Solar House Lighting and Energy Harvesting (joint project with Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona)
  8. FPGA based RGB LED Display tiling